Sunflower Oil and hair oiling. The best products

Sunflower Oil is one of the most popular natural oils intended for hair care. It is also known from the kitchen cupboard. It has regenerating properties, it reinforces, provides shine, in-depth nourishment and protection against impurities. Sunflower Oil will help tame unruly, frizzy and rough hair. It will also take care of brittle strands and prevent excessive hair loss. 

It is worth remembering that hair oiling should be done with a high-quality product, not anyone found in the kitchen. Only an unrefined and cold-pressed oil will work wonders on your hair. Keep in mind that the oil you want to apply to your hair cannot contain any artificial dyes, preservatives, it other words, it must be 100 % natural.

Sunflower Oil – what does it contain?

Unrefined, cold-pressed Sunflower Oil provides a wealth of valuable substances for hair:

  • vitamin A (retinol) – improves the appearance of hair, contributes to hair growth
  • vitamin E (tocopherol) – prevents premature hair ageing, and delays graying
  • vitamin D (calcitriol) – inhibits hair loss
  • vitamin F, or good fatty acids, – they improve the course of the processes occurring in the cells, protect the hair and create an occlusive protective layer

Sunflower Oil for hair – benefits

Thanks to applying Sunflower Oil to the hair (conducting hair oiling regularly), you are able to improve its condition and preventing hair loss. Only natural oils are able to penetrate the inside of the hair and adhere to the structure while repairing and nourishing from within. Also, Sunflower oil also shields hair from toxins from the environment and protects the strands against UV radiation.

Of course, hair oiling does not necessarily have to be done with Sunflower Oil: for beauty care, we can choose between (minimum) 50 different types of natural oils. The ideal solution is to first: match oils to the hair porosity, and secondly, use blends of different oils without limiting to only one (then, the oils enhance their properties and provide the hair with comprehensive care).

The list below shows the best hair cosmetics that include natural oils.
Nanoil Hair Oil - the best product available on the marketjohn-frieda-sheer-blondeloreal-paris-elvive-extraordinary-oil-oil-in-cream

Nanoil Hair Oil – This is the best product available on the market: not only in terms of the range of natural oils in the composition but also by the precise match to the porosity of the hair – its structure. Nanoil Hair Oil is available in three versions (three types of hair, three porosities). Each of these versions of Nanoil has a different composition, which gives the specific type of hair a proper and precise care. Nanoil particles are able to penetrate through the scales on the surface and reach the interior. The oil has a very good consistency: its application is easy and comfortable, but it is extremely important that Nanoil can be used in various ways, both as a beauty elixir and in the form of a deeply regenerating hair mask. Used regularly, it boosts hair growth and prevents hair loss. It is also worth mentioning that Nanoil is able to deliver hair regeneration and renewal in 30 days, and improved appearance after the very first application.

John Frieda Sheer Blonde – This is an interesting solution for women with fair hair. Sheer Blonde oil has properties that brighten the highlights, and because of the presence of the Sunflower and Argan Oil, it counteracts the dryness and dullness of the hair, protecting it from damage and the adverse effects of weather conditions. Sheer Blonde is a very good alternative for light blondes because many natural oils or macerations (such as amla, brahmi, bringraj) can slightly change the shade of fair hair. The product has a good consistency, it is easy to apply with the precise pump and is a very good conditioner for bleached hair. It can be applied to both damp hair after washing as well as dry strands before styling.

L’Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil. Oil-In-Cream is a unique cosmetic. It is a hair oil in the form of a cream that comes in a 150 ml tube. Despite the creamy consistency it is extremely delicate and does not overburden the hair. It smoothes and intensively nourishes the strands. Thanks to its non-standard consistency, the oil can act as a hair conditioner and as a natural oil. L’oreal Elvive contains a range of flower oils (including chamomile, lotus, rose, Tahitian Gardenia), and broadly discussed Sunflower and Flax Seed Oil. Thanks to such an accumulation of natural substances in L’Oreal’s Extraordinary Oil, hair becomes nourished, shiny, soft. Unfortunately, L’oreal oil cannot be applied to the scalp: it can dehydrate and weaken the bulbs. It is best to apply it while washing instead of the traditional conditioner, to damp hair before drying (to protect the strands from dehydrating) or just to dry strands to unpoof and tame them (it is recommended to apply the oil only to the tips). L’oreal Elvive Extraordinary OIl-In-Cream is a good supplement to hair care; It can be used as an alternative to a hair lotion or as a beautifying and taming mask.