Sunflower oil – high porosity hair repair.

Sunflower oil is one of the most popular oils used in beauty care. It is appreciated mainly thanks to its repairing, strengthening and protecting properties. Sunflower oil should be picked by women whose hair is extremely weak, damaged due to colouring or bleaching, dull and brittle, in need of intensive care.

It is extracted from the seeds of the well-known plant. Surely, sunflower oil used in the kitchen shouldn’t be used in beauty care. Therefore, if you want to buy a sunflower oil and use it for hair oiling, don’t choose the one that is available at food stores. Sunflower oils – dedicated for beauty treatments – should be cold-pressed, at temperature up to 40 °C and must come in a dark bottle. Such oils may go rancid or go off quickly. That is why, they must be stored in the fridge. Cold-pressed sunflower oil doesn’t like sunlight.

How does a sunflower oil work on hair and scalp?

– Most of all, it protects your hair and scalp from damaging action of external factors and heat emitted by a hair dryer, curler or flat iron (it surely doesn’t mean that you can incessantly use a straightener or curler).

– Sunflower oil contains a very high concentration of polyunsaturated fatty acids (64% of linoleic acid and 26% of oleic acid) thus it is ideal for high porosity hair.

– Sunflower oil regenerates and softens your hair, adds shine and bounce.

– Sunflower oil conditions and nourishes your scalp which is no longer dry; it helps to reduce dandruff and very intensively strengthens hair bulbs.

– Sunflower oil slows down ageing processes.

– Sunflower oil helps to style your hair and tame even the driest and most unruly strands.

– Sunflower oil protects your hair from damaging UV radiation.